Where to get your Christmas gifts wrapped in Manila

Skip this part of the Holiday stress, why don't 'ya?

LISTED: Christmas gift wrapping services in Manila

Gift-giving is just about the best part of Christmas. There’s no better feeling than seeing your loved ones’ faces light up at the sight of their gifts. What’s more, you’ve put a lot of thought, attention, and money into this gift.

Why not make it that much more special with a pretty wrapping?

There’s one problem. It’s not easy to wrap presents. At least not with a photo-finish look. Many have tried, and naturally, many have failed.

If you’re not particularly excellent at wrapping gifts, you might want to consider our list of the best Christmas gift wrapping services you can try within Metro Manila.

We kept our list short and sweet since there are really just a few that we can recommend.

Ready? OK, here they are.

LISTED: Christmas gift wrapping services in Manila
📸: Rustan’s


If you purchased items over PHP 300, Rustan’s will wrap your gifts for free. Note that you need to have a Rustan’s Membership to avail of this, which luckily you can now do by downloading the Rustan’s SFP app. The items need to be purchased from the store as well.

Non-members can also take advantage of Rustan’s free gift wrapping services as long as their gifts are purchased from their store.

Click here to find a list of Rustan’s stores.

Tie Me Up Buttercup

LISTED: Christmas gift wrapping services in Manila
📸: Tie Me Up Buttecup

Tie Me Up Butter Cup is a party supplies store that sells everything from ribbons, party props, gift wrappings, and more. They also offer gift wrapping services starting at PHP 30. You will also have to buy materials from their store.

Tie Me Up Buttercup has branches in Greenbelt 5 and Shangri-La Plaza Mall (East Wing).

National Book Store

LISTED: Christmas gift wrapping services in Manila
📸: National Book Store

Perhaps the most accessible in this list, National Book Store offers to gift wrap your items at a considerably low cost. You do not have to buy the item from NBS, but if you do they charge you less. In addition to the service fee, you’ll also have to shoulder the cost of the gift wrapping materials.

Click here to find a list of National Book Store branches.

Scribe Writing Essentials

LISTED: Christmas gift wrapping services in Manila
📸: Mom’s the Word

Known for their wide inventory of specialty pens and stationery, Scribe is a well-regarded brand among DIY-ers and crafty Filipinos. They sell journals, custom paper stock, calligraphy pens, stamps, wax seals, and more.

Interestingly, they offer a free gift-wrapping service too. It’s free for items that were bought in-store. For items bought outside, they charge a fee of PHP 30 on top of the wrapping materials used.

Click here to find a list of Scribe’s branches.

SM Department Store

LISTED: Christmas gift wrapping services in Manila
📸: The Pinoy Traveler

Love ’em. Hate ’em. SM Supermalls are everywhere! And if ever you find yourself in a pinch for finding a gift that comes wrapped out of the store, SM is actually an ideal place to go.

Any item bought in their department store is eligible for free gift wrapping. Note that the items need to cost no lower than PHP 300. Members of the SM Gift Registry also get free gift deliveries on top of the wrapping service.

LISTED: Christmas gift wrapping services in Manila

QUIRKS Novelties & Curiosities

QUIRKS is doing one thing other stores in this list are not. They are using recycled magazine pages as their gift wrappers. As explained in their gift wrapping service page, QUIRKS are “shameless treehuggers”, and rather than use “brand new, wasteful wrapping paper”, they want to help the environment and use old magazine pages instead.

The service costs PHP 10 per gift wrapping paper. You can also throw in gift accessories like gift tags, which are also recycled.

Check out QUIRKS’ website to learn more about the service. They also have branches in Manila.