5 Facebook Groups to join for Quarantine Hacks

We're all in it together. Join these groups.

5 Facebook Groups to join for Quarantine Hacks

All this time at home has taught us one thing — the internet has all the answers. From how to haggle at the wet market to the different variations of dalgona coffee, there’s bound to be a resource somewhere. But wait, it gets better. There’s a Facebook group for everything too.

You know that feeling when you search your concern up on Google and end up with a thousand results contradicting each other? That’s what Facebook groups are for. Groups ensure that who you’re talking to are of the same community fighting the same struggles. It gives more comfort knowing that the life hacks and tips here are highly applicable to the situation that you’re in. They are tried and tested solutions.

Not sure how to go about your quarantine life? Here are 5 Facebook groups to join to make life a little bit easier:

Quarantine Tribute Tips

What to Expect:

  • Market Hacks
  • Grocery Tips
  • Cooking Questions

Quarantine Tribute Tips is the group to be in if you are your family’s designated human sacrifice or “tributes,” like in the Hunger Games. What we mean to say is that our parents and grandparents, because of their age, are highly at risk for COVID-19. The least thing we can do, as people in the 20’s and 30’s age bracket with (hopefully) a platinum grade immune system, is to be the ones to do outside chores for them like doing the groceries.

This Facebook group shares quarantine life hacks and tips to help with your grocery adventures. Users here share the best finds in the grocery as well as how to choose meats and veggies in the wet market. You can also find answers to your common cooking mishaps and house chores such as how to wash an oily plastic container. It’s the Facebook group for your daily dose of quarantine TIL (Today I Learned).

Let’s Eat Pare

What to Expect:

  • Funny, Relatable Food Videos
  • Delivery Updates
  • Recipes

The classic Let’s Eat Pare Facebook group has shifted gears from restaurant adventures to restaurant menu and delivery updates. If you’re craving for something from a favorite resto, check to see if Let’s Eat Pare has some delivery tips for you. If not, maybe someone in this group has tried to recreate it! This is also your go-to place for at-home recipes from dalgona coffee kind of easy to a 5-star full course dinner. People get so extra here. It’s inspiring.

But if you’re just here for the laughs, Let’s Eat Pare is also a great Facebook group for funny, relatable food and cooking videos.

What’s Your Ulam, Pare

What to Expect:

  • Trending Recipes
  • At-Home Cooking

We’re not even going to ask if you know about dalgona coffee. Of course you do! And of course you’ve tried it. The next at-home recipe that’s trending might just be the Jollibee Tuna Pie hack. Next to that is the Shakey’s Japan mojos recipe. We know this because in the group What’s Your Ulam, Pare, people are all about trending recipes and trying them at home. Whether it’s posting their biggest achievements or their saddest cooking fails, this group is relatable and chill, perfect for the at-home cook with a bunch of time on their hands.

Subtle Asian Fitness

What to Expect:

  • Memes
  • Fitness Inspiration
  • At-Home Workouts

For those who just can’t last a day or two without working out, myself included, Subtle Asian Fitness (SAF) has been such a big help to the at-home workout life. Aside from fitness inspirations and funny memes, SAF has posts from people all over the (Asian) community on at-home workout routines and suggested exercises. Admittedly I can smell the subtle flex in the posts but it’s great to see how fitness enthusiasts are willingly sharing their exercise routines to help those who are at home and without the help of their personal trainers.

More than the exercise stuff, SAF also reminds us that we’re not alone here in the Philippines fighting the coronavirus. Almost everyone is in quarantine too and we’re all fighting the same battle.

Order Hero

What to Expect:

  • Saves riders with cancelled orders

For a delivery rider, work keeps going amidst the coronavirus. They’re risking their lives outside for you to stay at home and they deserve so much more gratitude (and tips!) now. Unfortunately, some people just don’t get that. Orders get cancelled and the rider has already shelled out money to buy the food. Without anyone to claim this, food gets wasted and the rider has less to buy his family’s needs.

This is where Order Hero comes in. Cancelled orders are announced here and people in this group comment to avail of or “save” the order. Usually orders are location based such as “Marikina only” or “Las Piñas area only” considering the checkpoints and borders that we have been placed. Take note that this is not an on-call delivery service. The main point of this group is to help riders all over Metro Manila.

Orders here get saved in just 10 minutes, helping both the customers’ meals and most especially the riders’ welfare and safety.