Hydroflask Alternatives: The best insulated bottles you can buy in the Philippines

Can't afford a Hydroflask? There are cheaper options.

Hydroflask Alternatives: The best insulated bottles you can buy

There’s no doubt. The almighty Hydroflask has already taken the market by storm. With its practical design and straightforward selling points, there’s no surprise everyone’s working to get their hands on these right in time for Christmas.

I won’t lie though, even I have one and I do swear by it. I’ve had mine since 2016. I first saw it in a discreet Whole Foods aisle in Los Angeles. The moment I saw it I knew I just had to buy it. It had something to do with the vibrant color and the fact that it looked simple. I didn’t do any research on it or anything of the like so I was surprised when it had kept my water ice-cold for more than 24 hours.

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Today, this brand of insulated bottles and tumblers has become a popular wishlist item among people my age. It’s very practical making it perfect for most, if not all, lifestyles. It’s a great way to motivate you to stay hydrated, biiiiiitch.

To simplify things, we’ve enumerated three main strengths of the Hydroflask:

  1. A handy lid which makes it super portable.
  2. Its insulated body that is designed to keep liquids hot/cold for a minimum of 24 hours on the average.
  3. A wide array of colors to choose from.

Although the Hydroflask has an amazing track record, admittedly even for us here at Coolture, it does come with a hefty price tag. One of its cheapest ones, a 12oz. Wide Mouth marketed for coffee and hot drinks, is already at PHP 1,490. The bigger ones meant for a day’s worth of hydration range from PHP 1,890 (18oz) to PHP 2,490 (32oz).

If you’re thinking twice about the Hydroflask because of its price or some of its qualities, here are some alternatives to the Hydroflask that you can get in the Philippines:

OMEGA Welton Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle


Hydroflask Alternatives: The best insulated bottles you can buy

The OMEGA Welton is the most inexpensive insulated bottle we found in the market that has received a multitude of positive reviews among the zero-waste community in the Philippines. Priced at only PHP 449.75, it’s also very accessible for purchase as it’s available in almost all SM home ware stores nationwide.

BaseKamp Vacuum Flask Wide Mouth 600ml


Hydroflask Alternatives: The best insulated bottles you can buy

Placing second on our list of Hydroflask alternatives is BaseKamp’s Vacuum Flask. The 600ml bottle is fully insulated and is an amazing inexpensive option for anyone in the market for a cheaper substitute. BaseKamp also gives you the option to purchase this with a Carabiner Lid (PHP 135), a godsend if you’re into the whole portability aspect of the tumbler. You can clip it on anything!

Atok Outfitters Adventure-Proof Flask 18oz


Named after a municipality in the mountains of Benguet, this local brand of insulated tumblers and bottles focuses on creating drink ware that’s perfect for outdoor adventures and regular hiking activities. Its all-cylindrical design allows it to fit in any bag whether it be a work tote or a hiking backpack. The Atok Adventure-Proof Flask also ensures that in whatever weather you’re in at the moment, your favorite drink will be kept ice cold for 24 hours and your hot beverage for 12.

MANNA Vogue Metallic Bottle 25oz


The MANNA Vogue Metallic bottles make it on our list precisely because it’s always on sale at True Value. You might be lucky and get this exact one on a buy-one-take-one promo!

Like the Hydroflask, this one from MANNA comes in a bunch of different colors too so you won’t have to worry about it matching with your other stuff. Its narrow lid makes drinking an easy-sip kind of situation, something we can never fully get in a wide-mouth container. At only PHP 1,090 (or less if it’s on sale), it’s a great option for any on-the-go fitness enthusiast with an eye for thinner, sleeker bottles.

Kujaku Classic Bottle AMZ Series 600ml


Insulated bottles do get relatively expensive precisely because of the technology behind the whole vacuum sealing and temperature control. The Kujaku bottle is already known for its range of insulated bottles made with Japanese insulation technology but this AMZ Series one deserves a shout out from us because of its modern and minimalist look. Though this brand doesn’t carry designs with a handy lid for portability, its slim design still allows you to take it with you wherever you head off to.