It’s official: Rihanna is (finally) launching Fenty Skin

B*tch, she can take my money right now.

It's official: Rihanna is (finally) launching Fenty Skin

You can’t really hold it against Rihanna if her last studio album was four years ago. Titled “ANTI”, critics have called the 2013 50-minute cut “a rich and conflicted pop record”.

It’s not like she hasn’t been productive all those years. Just three years ago, Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty, the global makeup line that’s been killing it since its inception. As a business mogul, RiRi has a kind of Midas Touch, in that every thing she does fuels the growth of the brand – including a follow-worthy TikTok account.

It's official: Rihanna is (finally) launching Fenty Skin

And she’s not stopping now. In an interview with the British Vogue, Rihanna had this to say, alongside with confirmation that Fenty Skin is in fact launching soon: “Skincare, it’s the truth. It either works or it doesn’t. There’s nowhere to hide.”

She’s not wrong. Skincare is one of the most cutthroat and hard-to-penetrate markets. There’s plenty of chances to screw things up. But if her first three years with Fenty Beauty is any indication, we feel certain that she knows what she’s doing.

Who else is excited?