The “not a cake” memes on Twitter, explained

Are we all cakes?

The "not a cake" memes on Twitter, explained

You might have seen an odd new trend on Twitter where people are quipping that random objects or persons are “not cake”. You might have seen one or about a dozen too many. You might have liked it or hated it with such passion.

But it seems like that not anyone has seen tweets like these:

You sit there wondering…What. Does. It. Mean?

Well, it’s pretty simple. The whole “not a cake” meme is a direct result of compilation videos that feature realistic cake designs. The point of these videos is to show how stunningly realistic the designs are that you actually thought they weren’t cakes. The videos would end with the person slicing them to reveal – not an onion, a slipper, or a raw chicken breast – but an actual chiffon cake.

Here, just watch it:

That’s all there is to it, really. Of course, Twitter took this meme to new heights, posting varying takes on the whole “not a cake” thing, from sliced objects to scenes from famous movies.

Here are even more laught-out-loud examples:

Of course, we had to join in on the fun…

We hope this quick and dirty guide enlightened you about what the cake memes on Twitter means. For more memes and other fun stuff, make sure to follow our Twitter.