On making a stand…

We deserve better.

On making a stand...

We envisioned Coolture as a place where Filipinos can find cool stuff, great eats, and fine culture, we think it our obligation too to tell our readers like it is.

What has been going on in our country is not cool.

Instead of finding practical solutions to flatten the curve, our government chooses to spend precious resources to take down a multimedia corporation, one that might be crucial in disseminating valuable information during this pandemic.

The focus, it seems, is anything but seeing ourselves through COVID-19 – jailing journalists, threatening to brand critics of the government as “terrorists”, filing an arbitrary name change of NAIA.

It isn’t our job to tell the people in power to do their jobs well. But anyone in the right frame of mind can state the obvious.

Filipinos are some of the smartest people on earth, this they can’t spin into some fake story on Facebook “blogs” and “communities”.

So, we urge our readers to acknowledge this: we deserve better.

A nation where democracy still exists, where humans are treated as humans and not numbers, where laws aren’t bent as desperate attempts at power play.

Because anything other than this is not cool, and we don’t have to take it.